Women Viagra

While no one really knows who the first women taking Viagra were or why on Earth they did it, it’s clear that the history of interactions between female bodies and Sildenafil is rather long and full of stories to tell. But this article will not be about personal stories of ladies who popped Viagra and then turned into ravaging sex beasts. The only experience that we will mention is that of Laura Berman and Dr. Jennifer Berman – two researches who managed to get a large test group of post-menopausal or post-hysterectomy women to try Viagra before sex. Surprisingly to many, it worked very well – most of the ladies taking part in the test reported experiencing better arousal, better natural lubrication and significantly more intense orgasms.

How Viagra works in women

When taking Viagra women respond to it very similarly to the way men do. The active ingredient in the famous little blue pills, Sildenafil Citrate, works by increasing the blood flow towards the pelvic area, which helps men to get an erection the healthy natural way. The same effect proves to help women too – when there is more blood flowing towards their lady parts, they feel pleasant warmth and tingling down there, report increased sensitivity and get wet easily, as the study by the Bermans concludes.

However, as the two doctors noted, for all of the tested women Viagra was not the only thing needed to get excited. It didn’t work in those ladies who were having emotional or relationship problems with their significant others or weren’t sexually interested in them at all. Thus, ‘womens Viagra’ works only for those who had enjoyed sex before in their lives but stopped enjoying it due to certain physiological reasons. It’s by no means similar to Spanish fly or whatever mythological formulas are there meant to make a lady get soaking wet for any male creature within her immediate vicinity.

How to take it

The guidelines that women taking Viagra should adhere to are very similar to those for men. In the study mentioned above, the ladies were taking 50mg of Sildenafil prior to sexual activity – not exceeding the recommended dosage of 1 pill per day. If in some women Viagra 50mg wasn’t working, a higher dose of 100mg was recommended.

Of course, there are few precautions that need being taken into account by anyone taking Viagra – whether it is a man or a woman. This medication should never be consumed along with other meds designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, nor should it be taken with nitrate medicines or grapefruit or grapefruit juice. All of these tend to increase the concentration of Sildenafil in your system and make side effects more likely.

Side effects in women taking Viagra

So, what risks are there for those women that are interested in using Viagra to make their sex life better? Apparently, the side effects that Sildenafil can cause in both men and women are the same. The mildest of them (many of the Bermans’ experiment participants reported them) may include dyspepsia, headache, nausea, dizziness and temporary vision changes. Severe side effects were not observed in any of the test group participants – but the fact that there were only 202 women taking part in the experiment suggests that this risk hasn’t been researched enough yet. Therefore, be warned about the possible risks of suffering from stroke, heart attack, severe hypotension or sudden hearing loss caused by Viagra.

Alternatives to ‘womens Viagra’

There are so many alternatives to the genuine Sildenafil-based Viagra women can consider before sticking with the blue pill that you will most definitely have a hard time choosing them. Some of them are bogus pills that don’t work at all – but some actually work wonders according to the ladies who have tried them. ‘Niagara falls in my panties without a warning’ and ‘feeling wetter than an otter’s pocket’ are just a couple of the softest testimonials left by the ladies who have tried some of the truly effective meds. On one hand, Viagra is the surefire way – but it looks like searching and experimenting with various remedies helping to get you in the mood can be a damn fun thing too!

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