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You tried Viagra and it didn’t work for you? Or maybe you don’t want your sex life to fully depend on this rather pricey medication? Or you are not advised to take Viagra due to some health condition that makes Sildenafil an unacceptable option for you? Well, whatever the reason is, we will do our best to help you in this new article at our site. What you will find below is a quick overview of all the most popular Viagra alternatives that are currently out there for you to choose from. Go ahead and pick one that is the most appropriate for you.

What Viagra alternatives are out there?

Before we get down to talking about each of the possible options that could help you enhance your sexual function without the help of Viagra in detail, let us provide the list and a brief overview of them.

So, the options that you should consider before starting to take Viagra are the following:

- Taking cheaper generic Sildenafil-based medications;

- Taking Tadalafil (Cialis) or Vardenafil (Levitra);

- Undergoing surgery to treat ED;

- Trying traditional herbal preparations known to increase virility;

- Taking up fitness and changing your lifestyle to enhance sexual health.

Any option from the list above can turn out to be a good way out for a person who can’t take Viagra due to some reason. Read on – in the next part of this article we will take a closer look at each and every of them and try to see, which one is the best for your particular case.

Generic Sildenafil-based meds (OTC Viagra)

Generic Viagra might be the best way out for you if you don’t like the original little blue pills because of their sky-high price or are reluctant to obtain a prescription for this medication from your doctor. Judge yourself – in most US pharmacies you will be offered Viagra at slightly under $30 per pill, which makes every sexual intercourse kinda pricey. Especially when you know that meds identical to Viagra can be purchased for under $1 a pill. And those won’t be some bogus drugs that don’t even work – those will be real Sildenafil tablets giving you flawless erections whenever you need them!

Plus, while most generic Sildenafil meds are available for purchase without any papers from the doctor whatsoever, you still need to obtain a prescription in order to obtain the brand-name pill. This is not only time-consuming, by the way. You pay your doctor, then you go through a lot of stress when talking to him or her about your sexual problems, then you pay again for the tests, then you compromise your privacy in a brick and mortar drugstore full of people that might know you and… Then you pay once again – and pay A LOT for those pills. Is it really worth all the effort when you can simply order OTC Viagra on the Internet from abroad and get it shipped to your door without any hassle or privacy issues? We guess the choice is obvious here.

Tadalafil (Cialis) or Vardenafil (Levitra)

There’s always a chance that you are allergic to Sildenafil – or that it simply won’t work for you. Right now, according to statistical data from research centers, only 75-80% of men respond well to treatment with Viagra. But what can you do if you belong to those unlucky 20-25%? Don’t lose hope – there are at least two other meds that can help you exactly the way Viagra helps other people.

The first of these two meds is Tadalafil – currently marketed under the trademark of Cialis as well as under a few others (for the generic version of the medication). Even though its brand-name version is about as expensive as Viagra, it works faster, remains active for astonishing 17.5 hours after the intake and has fewer side effects.

The second is Vardenafil – the active ingredient in Levitra and a few of its generics. This substance is only slightly different from Sildenafil in its molecular structure and, therefore, almost identical to it in the way it works. Nevertheless, it often proves to be effective in people, for whom Viagra didn’t work at all. Brand-name Levitra costs exactly as much as brand-name Viagra – but its generics are much more affordable.

Penile surgery as a Viagra alternative

If you don’t want to depend on erection meds for the rest of your life, you can definitely consider surgery as well. It’s not the easiest or the cheapest way to improve your performance that is currently out there – but, at least, it works once and for all.

There are currently two options for you to choose from. The first is undergoing surgery to fix the problems with blood vessels in your pelvic area. This surgery is only recommended to those patients who have such problems diagnosed by the doctor. They are usually the result of injuries to penis or pelvis, so if you have a history of those and are suffering from potency problems, then this type of surgery might be the answer for you.

The second, much more radical but also more effective option involves implanting penile prostheses. Basically, you will have two inflatable rods running through the shaft of your penis. At the push of a button, a little pump installed in your scrotum will fill them with fluid making you get an instant hard-on – perfectly rigid and naturally sensitive, which ensures flawless sexual intercourse. There have been enough such surgeries performed within the last decades to ensure the fact that yours will run smoothly – but there’s always a risk to get an infection and a risk that the device will fail at a certain point.

Traditional herbal preparations and healing practices

These may vary from foods and herbal mixes that have been used for centuries by men trying to improve their sexual function to various exotic practices like acupuncture, massage, etc. While most professional doctors appear to be rather skeptical about those traditional methods, many men still use them and even claim them to be highly effective. The price that you might have to pay for this type of treatment varies as well. It can be either very cheap when talking about various ‘potency potions’ prepared from regular products from a grocery store or very expensive when talking about acupuncture and massage sessions.

Of course, it’s important to remember that no traditional remedy works like a full-blown Viagra alternative. You don’t pop such preparations 30 minutes before sex and get perfect results. In order to improve your sexual function (if you actually manage it when using such means), you will need to adhere to one of those healing techniques for months, if not years. And what if it doesn’t work? You will hardly want to spend a decade picking a traditional ED cure that will work for you.

Fitness and lifestyle changes

It’s well known that erectile dysfunction is often caused by various behavioral factors, such as lots of stress, sedentary lifestyle, heavy drinking or smoking. Getting rid of bad habits might prove to be extremely helpful – especially when trying to put up a fight against ED on its earlier stages. Quit smoking, drink no more than a couple of beers or glasses a wine a week, start jogging, doing yoga or working out – and you will most definitely see your sexual function improve. We know that bad habits are always the hardest to get rid of – but wouldn’t you agree to quit them in exchange for great healthy sex? The decision is up to you!

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